Gina & Aaron Wedding

Gina & Aaron Farzee letterpress wedding invitation

Muay Thai Team

Karen & Isham

My wedding invitation created with the help of my amazing wife.

Lettuce Buy Local

Bird Illustration

This is the illustration of the purple plate for my wedding invitation. The final printing was letterpress, and I needed a high-contrast image with rather bold lines to pick us a good impression.

Gui Curry t-shirt

Taking inspiration from old Godzilla posters I designed the Gui Curry t-shirt.

PodPonics Label Design

It’s been a while, but finally getting some package design work. PodPonics is a local hydroponic vegetable grower in need of standing out on the store shelf. Starting out with a couple really rough, and really small sketches, I was able to design a series of optional packages.

GNR t-shirt

While the overall design looks rather straight-forward, the logo started out as a 12 color image created by an illustrator (Elaine Oye). While she did a wonderful job with the drawing, reproducing it for screen(print) required the entire logo to be redrawn and recolored. The final piece ended up being only 4 colors, and a…

Knuckleup @ UFC

These shirts were for the group from Knuckleup that either bought or won tickets to the Atlanta UFC.

Karen Wagner Murphy

This is the first painting in which I understood and successfully used an underpainting. Thanks to talks with Daniel Biddy he was able to give me some advice about painting with oils. I am extremely excited by the results and have started 4 new paintings. With any luck, I will have new posts shortly. The…