I have been reading a lot about photography trying to improve my overall ability. While in Greenville SC. we decided to shoot her LinkedIn profile photo. Narrow focal depth with a blurred background was what I was aiming for.

STFU & Train T-Shirt Design

Knuckleup Fitness Women’s Jiu Jitsu

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Dave Vitkay

Dave Vitkay MMA T-Shirt

Command Performance

Alchemy logo

Check out the intro page at http://www.createalchemy.com/

Tierson Boutte

The first in a new series (hopefully) of new paintings. This one ended up being repainted repeatedly one on top of another until it finally came together.

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How We Work is an up-and-coming association that educates workplace communities on new company/employee work paradigms. I am excited to see how this progresses. They posted a LinkedIn group at http://linkd.in/AiEBTk


Bryan Andrews

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