Kyndra Colosetti

I needed a Christmas gift for my mom, and what better gift than a painting of one of her children. This is the first painting I started using oil sticks which have now been a major component of my current work.

Mayan Snake

I painted this for a group show held at an Atlanta nightclub back in 2002.


Razor was someone I met at Burning Man back in ’96. We had quite a wild week, and I shot the photo that became the reference for this painting the morning after the big burn. It took about 6 months to complete the painting which now hangs in my living room.

Russ Jackson

This is my first oil painting from one of my own photographs. Before this my paintings were either from photographs or memory. Russ was a roommate back in the early 90’s and was always playing the base guitar.

Self Portrait

My second attempt at a realistic self portrait.


In high school I completed a series of paintings in this style. Tempera and watercolor, very intense. Unfortunately this is the only still in existence. This was a regional gold key winner My favorite one, that was lost, made it to winning the Hallmark award in 1988.

Self Portrait

This was my attempt in 11th grade to paint an accurate self portrait using tempera paint.

Self Portrait

My mom pulled out a bunch of old paintings from high school. This one was a self portrait project.