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PodPonics Label Design

It’s been a while, but finally getting some package design work. PodPonics is a local hydroponic vegetable grower in need of standing out on the store shelf. Starting out with a couple really rough, and really small sketches, I was able to design a series of optional packages.

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GNR t-shirt

While the overall design looks rather straight-forward, the logo started out as a 12 color image created by an illustrator (Elaine Oye). While she did a wonderful job with the drawing, reproducing it for screen(print) required the entire logo to be redrawn and recolored. The final piece ended up being only 4 colors, and a lot of screen blending to reproduce the other colors.

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Karen Wagner Murphy

This is the first painting in which I understood and successfully used an underpainting. Thanks to talks with Daniel Biddy he was able to give me some advice about painting with oils. I am extremely excited by the results and have started 4 new paintings. With any luck, I will have new posts shortly. The final piece is 32″ x 24″

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I have been reading a lot about photography trying to improve my overall ability. While in Greenville SC. we decided to shoot her LinkedIn profile photo. Narrow focal depth with a blurred background was what I was aiming for.

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How We Work Logo

How We Work is an up-and-coming association that educates workplace communities on new company/employee work paradigms. I am excited to see how this progresses. They posted a LinkedIn group at

Gianna Colosetti Myers Announcement

I just finished designing and printing the announcement for my sister’s baby, Gianna. She is so cute, and Kyndra and Kevin looks so comfortable as parents. I am so proud. While this is only the fourth printing job on my C&P letterpress, I feel that I am getting much better in the amount of ink I am using. The first few jobs took forever to dry. The Crane’s Lettra paper really holds a great impression which I will hopefully be able to capture on film. This was also the best that I have done with registration with less than 5% waste.


City of Chicago

Unfortunately this design never made it out of the pitch stage. It is however one of my most favorite designs as it incorporates some interesting ideas and a solid collage style design. The major concept was to allow site visitors to select their areas of interest similar to an e-commerce experience. Checkout would organize a travel itinerary that would include all the locations plus fill in options for the open times. I still wish someone would build this type of experience as it would be great for traveling.


Williams Benator & Libby

This was one of the early Creative Mischief projects where we needed to update an Atlanta based accounting firm. The original looked like an old Angelfire website. It is safe to say that this one was slightly better.


John Oxendine Campaign Website

I want to start by saying that I am a registered Democrat, but also a capitalist. Therefore, I don’t have a problem working for either party. In this case, John Oxendine, who was running for governor of Georgia. I took the obvious route with the logo, but I felt it was better to embrace it as a symbol of power rather than let the opposition use it as a tool for slander. In the end, unfortunately, John didn’t win. I would have really like to have been at the celebration at the capital.

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Bryan Collins

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make Bryan’s wedding, so the night before I painted this. I think that this captures the night before. I little wide-eyed and expectant and a little oh-shit. They are a great couple with great kids and I have been lucky to be Bryan’s friend for the last 20+ years.



For a short while, 6 Degrees magazine was operating in Atlanta. We worked with Nouvi Networks to build wifi hotspot websites using the magazine’s content.