Jim Beam / 4 Cocktails

4 Cocktails was a seasonal party planning website I worked on while at Ketchum. The strategy was to leverage popular bloggers to promote party planning ideas and inject holiday drink recipes. I designed the logo, the website and the final product was built on Drupal.


Recall Website Design

While working with the Partnership I designed the corporate website for the Recall Corporation. I incorporated some flash based components allowing visitors to explore the locations through the map and self identify their needs through a series of interactive questions.


Holocaust Museum on Propoganda

While it was a long shot, this was the first big pitch that Dan Backhaus and I developed as Creative Mischief. We busted our ass for two weeks writing and designing. In the end, I felt pretty good about our submission. The museum on the other hand thought the design was over the top and wondered if we were trying to idolize the third reich which was definitely not my intention.

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UHS Pruitt Website

This is not the site that ended up being built, but I think it is a better representation for the brand. We disagreed on the use of color, with their brand using large quantities of dark teal. It felt too oppressive for a company dealing with hospice and end of life care.

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The Civic League

The Civic League for Regional Atlanta is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is educating, engaging and empowering the people of metropolitan Atlanta to address and solve regional issues.


Artomé eCommerce

We designed an interface on top of ShopVisible for a poster art and framing retailer. A major component of the project was to build a custom framing application that took the customer’s artwork and allowed them to visualize the framing and matting.

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IMG World

IMG World is another MacQuarium project in which I worked with Micah Morgan as the business analyst and Hollie Ross as the PM for 3 months while we helped them organize their business after the purchase by Forstmann Little.


Lenovo Torch Relay

This was a comp for a pitch by Ketchum to build an Olympic relay website on behalf of Lenovo. Ultimately this project is what landed me the job at Ketchum. The website showcased videos of people running with torches. Visitors could vote on their favorite video. The widget sat on the desktop and displayed the location of the torch. If the person’s video was receiving votes, the flame at the top of their widget would grow.

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A friend James Morelli brought me this project while he was running Elemental Beat. I was having an issue with balancing the amount of content with a more visually impactful design. I ended up creating a rollover state for the home images that would peel back to reveal the content about the home. It was a little difficult at the time to pull off, but overall it worked.


Diaz Wedding

I was lucky enough to be invited to Rene Diaz’s wedding in San Miguel Mexico. This painting was given as a wedding gift. It was my first attempt at using photography and encaustic. The final piece ended up being 2’x3′.

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Kyndra Colosetti

I needed a Christmas gift for my mom, and what better gift than a painting of one of her children. This is the first painting I started using oil sticks which have now been a major component of my current work.

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Razor was someone I met at Burning Man back in ’96. We had quite a wild week, and I shot the photo that became the reference for this painting the morning after the big burn. It took about 6 months to complete the painting which now hangs in my living room.

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Russ Jackson

This is my first oil painting from one of my own photographs. Before this my paintings were either from photographs or memory. Russ was a roommate back in the early 90’s and was always playing the base guitar.