Gina & Aaron Wedding

Gina & Aaron Farzee letterpress wedding invitation

Muay Thai Team

Karen & Isham

My wedding invitation created with the help of my amazing wife.

Lettuce Buy Local

Bird Illustration

This is the illustration of the purple plate for my wedding invitation. The final printing was letterpress, and I needed…

Gui Curry t-shirt

Taking inspiration from old Godzilla posters I designed the Gui Curry t-shirt.

PodPonics Label Design

It’s been a while, but finally getting some package design work. PodPonics is a local hydroponic vegetable grower in need of standing out on the store shelf. Starting out with a couple really rough, and really small sketches, I was able to design a series of optional packages.

GNR t-shirt

While the overall design looks rather straight-forward, the logo started out as a 12 color image created by an illustrator…

Knuckleup @ UFC

These shirts were for the group from Knuckleup that either bought or won tickets to the Atlanta UFC.

Karen Wagner Murphy

This is the first painting in which I understood and successfully used an underpainting. Thanks to talks with Daniel Biddy…


I have been reading a lot about photography trying to improve my overall ability. While in Greenville SC. we decided…

STFU & Train T-Shirt Design

Knuckleup Fitness Women’s Jiu Jitsu

Tagged Clothing

Dave Vitkay

Dave Vitkay MMA T-Shirt

Command Performance

Alchemy logo

Check out the intro page at

Tierson Boutte

The first in a new series (hopefully) of new paintings. This one ended up being repainted repeatedly one on top…

How We Work Logo

How We Work is an up-and-coming association that educates workplace communities on new company/employee work paradigms. I am excited to…


Bryan Andrews

testing 123

Gianna Colosetti Myers Announcement

I just finished designing and printing the announcement for my sister’s baby, Gianna. She is so cute, and Kyndra and…

Bryan Collins

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make Bryan’s wedding, so the night before I painted this. I think that this captures…

4 Cocktails Logo

Done in Adobe Illustrator using the gradient mesh. It was actually easier than I was expecting.

Burger King Hotkicks

This is the site that legitimized Creative Mischief and prompted me to convert it from a freelance tax shelter to…

MSN Basketball

I designed this while at FOX/MySpace as a widget to keep up with NBA games. We used the FOX Sports…


AireWire builds wireless internet towers in rural areas of the southeast. The mark signifies the signals radiating from the tower.…

Lenovo Torch Relay

This was a comp for a pitch by Ketchum to build an Olympic relay website on behalf of Lenovo. Ultimately…

Simply Safe Backup

Before DropBox, there was Simply Safe. An application that backed your hard drive to a server.

Diaz Wedding

I was lucky enough to be invited to Rene Diaz’s wedding in San Miguel Mexico. This painting was given as…

Margo Bankston

This is the first painting where I incorporated text and tried to get more interpretive with the work, and less…